Gospel Meditations for Men and Women

Currently my wife and I are working through two devotional books put out by Church Works Media. I am reading Gospel Meditations for Men and my wife is doing Gospel Meditations for Women. Unfortunately, the books are not synced to be on the same topic each day, but we have enjoyed sharing what we’ve learned with each other in our family devotions.

The devotionals have everything one could ask for out of a single-page-per-day devotional book. They direct you to read a chapter or two, spend most of the page explaining the text, and conclude with a brief yet concrete application. The book contains 31 devotionals, obviously designed to be completed in the course of a month.

Unless a large group is going through the book together, there is no benefit to making sure the date matches the day number on the page. It worked best for us to start in the middle of a month. Why would we wait until the beginning of a new month? We’ve also taken advantage of the flexibility that comes with doing the study on our own. It will actually take us a little longer than a month to complete the study, and that’s ok. Nobody is timing us. Sometimes one or both of us is unable to do the devotional reading. Instead of trying to “catch up,” we just start where we left off. We can be a day or two ahead or behind each other. We won’t win any prize for completing the study quickly. However, we have already been richly rewarded for doing this study well.


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