Say No to Co-sleeping

I’ve never understood the attraction some parents have for co-sleeping. Why would anybody willingly bring a child into their bed? Apparently, some do it for the experience. In my experience, it’s kinda like being handcuffed to a dead zebra; it sounds interesting at first, but it gets real old real quick. This comparison obviously breaks down at some point. The dead zebra won’t keep kicking you all night.

As a Christian, I can’t say there is anything biblically or morally wrong with co-sleeping. First-century Palestinian families commonly slept in the same bed (Luke 11:7), so you could argue that Jesus probably slept with his parents. However, I can assure you that my daughter doesn’t ask “What Would Jesus Do?” before she kicks me in the ribs.

Despite our aversion to co-sleeping, circumstances on numerous occasions have forced us to let our daughter crash our bed. If you can’t imagine what could be so bad about having a child in your bed, the guys at have put together some diagrams to illustrate the horrors.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s a video based on one of the illustrations.


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