When God Takes Away Your Swing

My eighteen-month-old daughter becomes obsessed with the swings every time we go to the park. No matter how long she swings, she nearly always cries when I take her down. Once, I decided to let her swing as long as she wanted. After forty minutes, I gave up. She was starting to look sick yet still she cried, pointing defiantly towards the swing.

I wonder what my daughter thinks of me as I tear her away from her prized swing. Obviously, she doesn’t understand that coming down is better for her and will give her the chance to enjoy the slides, tunnels, etc. No, in her view, daddy is cruel and unreasonable. Why doesn’t he just give me back my swing?

God sometimes takes away our swings. Some part of our lives seems perfect; then suddenly we’re being carried away and know that our beloved swing isn’t coming back.

What do we think of God? Obviously, we can’t be better off without something so perfect or ever enjoy anything else nearly as much. Perhaps God is being cruel and unreasonable.

I know my daughter can’t understand what I’m doing, but I wish she could love and trust me enough to enjoy being in my arms as I carry her to something better.


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