Could There Be Life on Mars?

While the Curiosity Rover is busily snapping pictures and taking samples on Mars, scientists are hoping to find evidence that life once existed on the red planet. A photograph this past week revealed smooth stones which may suggest that a river once flowed on the planet millions of years ago.

As a young-earth creationist, I’m skeptical about any conclusion that includes the phrase “millions of years,” but since the scientific community will surely be producing and debating alternate explanations of these smooth stones in the upcoming months, I will delay judgment on the water issue. However, now is perhaps a good time to ask the question: could scientists find evidence of life on Mars? If the creation account in Genesis correctly teaches that the earth was created in six literal days 6-10 thousand years ago, could there be evidence of microbial life on Mars?

Yes. Various forms of microbial life were probably created on days three, five, and six of creation along with the earth’s vegetation, fish, birds, and land animals though microbial life is never mentioned. We assume planets were created on the fourth day (planets are also not mentioned in the Genesis creation account). It is conceivable that God created extraterrestrial microbial life on day four. If we find life now extinct on Mars, the biblical chronology would probably suggest a cataclysm around the time of the fall or flood.


One thought on “Could There Be Life on Mars?

  1. I believe in the literal six day creation as well. Life on Mars can be explained by what happened with the waters above the firmament (Gen 1:6-7) when all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened (Gen 7:11). Some have argued that an enormous pressure existed beneath the crust of the Earth and the waters of the deep gushed upwards into the water above the firmament. Some of the water came pouring down to Earth and because of the force of the water some of it went into space along with soil sediments and bacteria.

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