Ten Things I Learned While Reading to My Child

Reading children’s books can at times be a mind-numbing experience. I always have mixed emotions when we finish a book and my daughter says, “Read it again, Daddy!” On the one hand, I’m glad she loves books. On the other hand, I can quote most of her favorites, and I’m not always up for another recitation.

Besides entertaining myself by developing unique voices for each of the characters, I have found a number of interesting facts in my daughter’s books. Here are ten.

  1. A very hungry caterpillar can eat through one piece of chocolate cake, one ice-cream cone, one pickle, one slice of Swiss cheese, one slice of salami, one lollipop, one piece of cherry pie, one sausage, one cupcake, and one slice of watermelon all in one day. No wonder that night he had a stomachache!
  2. Bambi apparently mated with his first cousin, as Faline’s mother was his aunt Ena. It’s not that big of a deal for deer, but it could have been left out of a children’s story.
  3. Micky mouse has two nephews named Morty and Ferdie. It seems like Disney has a lot of Uncle-Nephew relationships in their tales. I don’t know why.
  4. The Cat in the Hat apparently managed to get a toy boat out of a cake and somehow at least fixed the icing so mother wouldn’t notice when she got home.
  5. When puppies walk in a row, that’s a puppy parade! I’ve never seen puppies walk in a row. Maybe I just don’t get out much.
  6. Dragons sing very badly, but they can hum. Humming is like singing. It can also come in handy if a dragon gets trapped inside a tree (remember that dragons spit fire when they shout and fire burns trees).
  7. Some brown bears, red birds, yellow ducks, blue horses, green frogs, purple cats, white dogs, black sheep, and goldfish can see in color. However, they can also talk so I’m not sure why one would be surprised by their visual abilities
  8. Doggies can say, “Woof!, Yap Yap Yap!, …nnn…nnn…nnn…, Rruff ruff, ArROOFF arROOFF!, BARKBARKBARK!, GRRRRR, and ARF ARF!” Children love hearing their parents imitate all these variations over and over. Thank you Sandra Boynton.
  9. The Cat in the Hat keeps 26 little cats and Voom in his hat. Don’t ask me what Voom is. I never will know. But, boy! Let me tell you it does clean up snow!
  10. The very quiet cricket isn’t very quiet anymore after being read a hundred or so times. However, if you pinch the book’s spine just right as you read, you can keep him silent until the end.

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